My Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be as minimal as a quick intermittent pain that is often described as a sharp catch, but can progress to a more constant dull ache down the arm. Commonly shoulder pain can result in aching that disrupts sleeping postures and results in restless sleeps and increased pain at night.

Problems in the shoulder can occur with everyday wear and tear, overuse or an isolated injury. While there are many causes of shoulder pain, it is important to have an accurate diagnosis so that the appropriate treatment is implemented.

Manual Therapy

When manually treating the shoulder, there are many techniques that can be used. A common technique is joint mobilization. If a joint is stiff and not moving in its full range, a therapist can manually [...]

Exercise Program

Often, people have shoulder pain because their shoulder is not sitting in proper alignment, or not moving properly, because the surrounding muscles are not properly balanced. That is, some muscles can be overly strong while [...]

Shoulder Prevention

The shoulder is a very mobile joint, which helps in our day-to-day lives, but the downside to this is it is not as stable as other joints and therefore prone to injury. Prevention is an [...]

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